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  1. Hi I find focus turn off wifi when sleep, but other HMD like pico will not. Is there any way to change the focus setting thx
  2. First I build the sample in wave sdk named “InteractionMode_Test” Then run it in Focus, I find the log: OEM_VRConfigService: setKeyValue(interactionMode): Permission denied Further analysis,I find It need vive.wave.vr.oem.data.OEMDataWrite, but it is config in manifest.xml the question: how to get the Permission ?
  3. I also want to know if I can use extra arguments. Do you know now? thx
  4. I found an example which name is "SystemRecording_Test" in the wvr_unity_samples.unitypackage Then I build and run on focus device, it did not run as expected. There is a tip in the scence, "System Record Test :SignKey Only" .It seems that you need to sign to get permission. Is my understanding correct? and how to Sign the app and get permission? thanks
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