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  1. fixed ... in MS FSim. Do this before you attempt to enable VR. At the main menu:OptionsControlsKeyboardOn the left side, set Filter to “ALL”In the “SEARCH BY NAME” field type “VR”. You should then see 4 VR-related keybindings.On the line “VR-CAMERA RESET” click the dark grey box to the right of the textClick “START SCANNING”Enter the keypress you want to use (I used CTRL-Space)Click “Validate”Your key binding should now show on the “VR-Camera Reset” line.
  2. Hi All, I just down loaded Microsoft flight simulator VR, and I am trying to just my HTC vive. I am stuck on at the first menu because there is no key binding for 'reset camera position' How to assign a key binding to this? Just clicking camera reset in the steam VR menu does not get passed this stage. I have not been able to find a way of making a key binding, and in the MS settings, I have not been able to set a key for it.
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