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  1. I think I might have fixed it. I tried moving around my monitors to see if maybe it could be bouncing off those. ATM its working but ill give it alittle to see if it continues
  2. ok so update I tested by removing anything remotely reflective other then my monitors an I get the same result with the one station. At this point im about 80% sure its just the station its self
  3. I dont really have much in regards a reflective surface other then like 1 photo on a shelf. Since I run an oculus with the stations I could probably try using the IR cams in the headset with passthrough to see what its hitting. But other then that I wouldnt know since one of them works just fine but in unisons they freak out
  4. Sorry for the late reply I had gotten a little busy At the moment its only with the one station above in the video. I have another set an it works just fine. It only seems that when I turn to look at the one above it freaks out. The hip an only the hip will fly away an completely freak out when in use but the feet stay solid. But once I unplug the one an only use the other station I had no issues running it for a full play session. regarding the mount its as solid as it will get. I had t o buy mounts separate due to the standalone 2.0's not coming with mounts since I run a hybrid set up. its very weird cuz sometimes it happens an sometimes it doesent. The weird part is it only seems to have a problem when it is located on my waist Here in this video I bounce from one station to the next. the first standing ide position is the station im having trouble with the the one when the front of the Puck is facing the came is the one I have no problems with when in standalone 2021-01-14 23-01-21.mp4 SteamVR-2021-01-14-PM_11_05_04.txt
  5. Hi So I recently bought a set of base stations 2.0 an 3 trackers an they have bin working fine for the past 2 days. Today I got a set of mounts to put them on my wall. They worked for awhile but then I noticed it was losing tracking. So I tried to figure out the issue but I cant seem to find how to fix it. Ill put in a video showing what its doing at the moment. 2021-01-09 21-23-00.mp4
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