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  1. Hi @Tony PH Lin, thanks for responding. I have indeed already looked at the documentation in the functionality, and although I ran into some hiccups, specifically concerning correct input from one controller VS the other, I was able to utilize that baseline to make standard teleportation function by shifting the teleport method onto the LinePointer blueprint and calling it from the same via Touchpad Press. In this same situation, would you happen to know where in the various blueprints the system specifies which is the active/focus controller? It would seem that for some reason, only the Right controller is successfully transmitting data to the variable "Curr Impact Point" regardless of which controller is currently active & emitting the Laser. Considering both of the controller loader Actors draw from the same set of blueprints, this confuses me.
  2. Hello! Just got ahold of a Focus Plus, and I'm looking to set up a basic walk-around and teleportation system for my imported 3D scenes via Unreal Engine 4.25.4. I've noticed in the Focus Plus test projects, included with Wave VR 3.2.0, include a pretty rudimentary teleportation system, which only allows you to teleport to the center of fixed blocks in the test scene. How have any of you expanded this functionality? Is this a situation where I would need to build a motion controller/teleport system from scratch, or can Unreal's own VR test project's systems be adapted? Thanks!
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