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  1. Woah, $4000 on VR stuff and + $2,900 for a rtx 3090 to go along with it. Consider me jelly right now, but I am happy with my rtx 2080ti still, so still good for a few years or so! Do you think I should get the valve index headset as well? I know that I will be needing to go through my own pocket in sending it over for RMA to the EU or US if anything goes wrong since its not officially supported in Australia so they wont do pre-labels without charge, but I will know for sure that it will replaced guarantee with valve. What is your opinion on this?
  2. Well thats because you havent had issues yet, since things are going smoothly for you. Me and others like me on the other hand that has issues would be posting around about our negative experiences when things are unsolved, you would understand our frustration. I actually have the index controllers and actually had issues with them before and valve replaced them when I sent mine back in with no hassles at all. The difference I see here with valve and htc/vive, is that valve replaces things when there are issues with them, even if they can't determine the fault on their end they still do and hopes that the issues dont repeat itself. Unlike right now where I've waited 3 weeks, only for my product to come back with scratches on them when I am sure I kept my lenses in good condition (cleaning with the supplied micro fibre cloth and checking them everyday) and it was not fixed nor replaced, they even said that they tested the unit (tested how? did they plug it both in and play with it for a few hrs and see what the issues are or not? or did they stick a tool in until it beeps green and says "yeh no problems here"?), is replacing my product so much to ask from them or how many hoops do I need to jump through and run around in circles??? Now waiting for it to be escalated further (or so they say) and the case manager cant promise anything they said. If there were no issues at all, then I wouldnt be trying to get a replacement and stressing over all of this with HTC/Vive. I would be doing something productive... like actually playing VR right now instead of wasting my time with them. Im actually considering also getting the index headset now, as vives customer service/service centre is not even helping me one bit. I was actually planning to buy the 3.0 vive trackers from them, but considering how they conduct this whole process, I will not be giving them anymore money from here on out and in future, until they sort my issues out.
  3. I'm happy for you that your device is working properly for over a year! Mine only lasted 4 months until it started to develop issues and having other issues with vive products prior to that. I was thinking of getting a index headset or full kit instead of a quest 2, but knowing valves poor quality control I chose not to.
  4. Hello, I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this as myself I am quite annoyed, so I want to express my concerns about Vives service centre and product quality. This may be a little long so please bear with me as I need to state everything here. I have had my Vive pro for around 5 months now. Within the first 1-2 months, 1 of my vive tracker would not charge properly, since 1 of the trackers port is faulty. I went back to my retailer to get it sent to HTC/Vive for a replacement. It came back after 3 weeks and now has been working ever since. Forwarding to 3 month mark of owning my Vive pro kit. My vive controllers had issues with buttons not registering properly in games, I noticed this back when I first got it that it went faulty in the first week, but I initially thought it was just the game bugging out it happened in multiple games, after going through all the troubleshooting steps I found out that my controllers were also faulty, since none of my other frineds had the same issues as I had. So I went to vive's support live chat and got my issue escalated, they sent a courier to pick up my controllers and they sent a replacement afterwards with new ones (hopefully not refurbished), so the controllers were working as intended now and had to wait 3 weeks to get back into VR. I was happy after having 2 issues with Vive/HTC products that I was finally back into the virtual world. My joy didn't last long, the issue didn't stop here. Going to the 4-5 month period. Now this is where my real issue begins. My headset + link box were having issues. Audio pops randomly, left speakers dying for no reason, speakers/mic making this really loud noises like those old crt tv's and it was both going through my speakers and mic at random times (My friends could hear it too), mic vocals making my voice more high pitched than usual, headset screen would turn grey and therefore losing tracking randomly with 1 of my vive trackers, screen would just go grey randomly for no reason at all, link box keeps disconnecting my headset randomly at times headset cable to linkbox needs to be forced in for it to not disconnect and a whole lot of other issues with both the headset and linkbox, these were just the main ones. - Yes, I tried all those magical fixes and troubleshooting which has not even helped at all, even getting rid of all my VR/STEAMVR/HTC/VIVE files wiping them slate clean and reinstalling them, and still the issue persists. My PC was freshly installed 7 months ago and I dont do anything on this PC, besides game, music and socialise, nor do I download anything that I shouldn't need to or clutter my PC needlessly. I only use VR to socialise and dance. I then contacted support once again to state my issues, they got me to go through all of their troubleshoots which I have already done prior to contacting them and I even took pictures, videos and made a mini report on the issue and gave it all to them, they came to a conclusion that it was both the headset + linkbox that was having issues. They then escalated my issue and told me that the headset + linkbox needs to be repaired or even replaced. I cleaned the whole headset and linkbox, Courier came picked up my package on a business day to send it off to them, I remained hopeful through this whole ordeal, and was getting really upset about all these issues I was having and just had to be patient and wait. Today, I received my package back, I was so happy to get it back and I had very high hopes that everything will work now. To my surprise it did not come back in good shape at all, it was appalling. The lenses were scratched both outside and inside the glass and there were hairs, yes hairs on it, which was not mine and some sort of yellow dust on the inner face rest and covers of the headset. I remembered that I cleaned my whole headset and inspected myself if there were any scratches on the lenses or not and made sure that it was in good condition, before sending it off, least to say it came back even more broken. I also checked and saw on the QSL job listings that the product was not repaired as they could not find any faults, they didn't even list the name of the product I own properly it was meant to be "Vive pro" NOT "Vive Cosmos pro"!!! So how was it that I contacted support with a fault and wasted 3 weeks of my time waiting once again for the 3rd time on 1 of their products to be repaired or even replaced and they couldn't find any faults?! Even came back not in the condition I had it before RMA process???!!! I was in disbelief and got so angry and annoyed at the same time. I even tried to connect the headset and linkbox to go into steam VR home to sit there while I was letting it run and was hit with a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), never have I had this happen before RMA either. This is starting to raise a lot of questions on what they have done to my headset and the professionalism of their service centre, which clearly did not do a very good job!!! - I put everything in the box and contacted support immediately once again and requested for a replacement as this was unacceptable. I contacted support again and a representative said they will need escalate this further and have this investigated, as the item was not meant to be returned in that condition and should have been repaired or replaced. NOW again with the waiting game.... for this to be escalated and request for a replacement or perhaps even something to come with another issue??. I am starting to feel as if I am having so many issues getting stuff RMA'd and waiting waiting waiting and spending more time with RMA and product quality issues than actually using the product. From where I am from, this product was very expensive in my country and one would expect for it to be of premium quality when you are paying $1700 - $2000 AUD... I'm not sure if its just me, but I am having so much bad luck with technology these days its just crazy, has quality control really stopped that low??? I dont even know anymore. I dont even know if the approval for a requested replacement would even go through for both headset and linkbox... and I am worried if it doesn't I would just be sitting here with dead paper weight... I am just honestly tired of sending things back and fourth now and not getting what I paid for. I will upload pictures here.
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