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  1. Hi @Tony PH Lin thank you for your response. This workaround worked for usb connection worked. However i can't get wifi connection running The IP adress is correct, i can reach the device via ping on cmd If I run "Install Device APK" from Unity with Wifi Connection enabled, the opened command line logs out: - waiting for device - Obviously i don't get a device with "adb devices" shown. adb connect didn't helped. "cannot connect to No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. (10061)"
  2. Hi chengnay, yes that is the only device which is listed when i call adb devices. Before I enabled Developer Mode and USB Debugging in the HTC Vive Focus Plus there where no devices found. Wifi doesn't work either. As in the logs written it tries to write to an sdcard? However i can find the desired path ("sdcard/Direct/Preview") on the htc focus device Does DirectPreview only works with an SDCard in the HTC Vive Focus Plus? Or is the internal storage not get used for that?
  3. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, i try to get Direct Preview with your Wave Unity Legacy SDK Version 3.2.0 running on a HTC Vive Focus Plus. I followed your guide regarding setup and installation: https://hub.vive.com/storage/app/doc/en-us/wavevr_DirectPreview.html But the "Install Device APK" fails already. I have connected the Focus via USB to the machine and defined this aswell in the Direct Preview Options. Android SDK has been installed and the System Path Environment Variable has been set. I can also find with adb devices via cmd the VR headset I am using Unity version: 2019.4.25f1 Can you help me?
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