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  1. @GAMEDRIXYou're not wrong, I own a company, I bought 5 of these and have been disappointed and 2 of them died 1 week later, no display for one and the other one has flickering images(I had a replacement but don't think I would If I was a simple consumer). As shouting out here is not the smartest thing ever it's still a good thing so people are aware of the situation of what seems to be a real nightmare for consumers. @AmazingTechVR I need to be honest and sorry in advance for my entrance in this conflict but you're being hypocritical for displaying anger towards another guy who seems to have enormous issues with the company which is absolutely easy to believe, also yes it's a support forum where people are supposed to help each other and get help by HTC themselves, but if they are not responding to you it's only on them(if you're talking about the mods, admins), look at my topic about my issue, I had no returns. I do not endorse hate by any ways with "gamedrix" being that extreme, but it's true that the company has issues and there's big organizational problems. @Synthesis
  2. Hello Admins I just got 5 Vive Pro 2's yesterday and tested them all before use in my arcade company. It was an amazing experience, the colors are very good and the resolution as well but I noticed something similar to other headsets we had in the past. It seems to be the exact same artifact as the index back in the days but we eventually received some sort of calibration method and the problem was gone. All 5 of them have it, some more than others. Here are some pictures : from :
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