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  1. I am running SteamVR and ViveBusiness Streaming, but I meant, the headset is getting wifi through our school acess, which is filtered. Some sites are blocked. Consequently, the handset models in view are not coming through. If I take the set home, and wifi access through my home network, everything shows as it should. Attached picture shows how the hand controls show during gameplay, but I should be seeing the Vive Controllers.
  2. Here, in the attached picture, is an example of what I see in Play mode from a Unity game environment. Keep in mind, at home, not on the school network, it shows the actual vive focus 3 controllers.
  3. Hello, I am having a small difficulty with our HTC Vive Focus 3 sets, which I now have 3 sets. We are on a school network, and our web access is filtered. When in game view, the vive handset model does not come through while on the network. If I take the set home, the model of the handset works,(It looks like the Focus 3 hand controls). I had our IT dept whitelist some sites and it worked for a week, but then I did a firmware update, and it no longer came through correctly. It only shows a yellow and green line, or hands. Could anyone tell me what sites I would need whitelisted to make sure controllers come through in gameplay, looking like the vive focus 3 controllers?
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