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  1. how can i turn off bondary completely so when i step outside of boundary it doent give me a popup saying "create new boundary" OR how can i disable boundary completely that i dont need to create boundary in first place in Voive focus 3 thank you
  2. thank you for your answer, i already had USB debugging enabled and i can load my applications and all, sorry I should be more clear about my goal with developer mode, I want to disable the boundary completely, so even if i am out of boundary it doesn't show popup that says "make new boundary" . thank you @HackPerception
  3. hi, i am a VR game developer and i need to know how to turn on dev mode in vive focus 3 and please dont give the answer that already available on internet that says " click on build version 7 times and you will turn on dev mode" because that doesn't work . thank you
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