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  1. Hi Devs, Just a quick question, we would like to have the ability to deliver firmware updates via the SD card rather than calling home. Is this possible? I know we can use the Vive Focus Controller Update Tool but this has some requirements first (Like having the firmware version on 3.0.999.266 or higher) and requires contacting the internet in the first place. We would rather have a stable firmware that we choose that is applicable to the batch config we generate and all in alignment so we can ensure we know all variables.
  2. Hi, I am moving from Oculus to Focus 3 deployment. I am at the very beginning and trying to set up the android studio environment but the "how to guides" seem to be out of date? I am following the instructions and not seeing the same options available on websites. Is there a forum topic for this (I have looked)? Questions: - Which version of Unreal 4 should I be using? - Should I be using the Wave SDK? - What updated guidance is there for set up? Any help gratefully received.
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