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  1. @HackPerception yes they're both in b/c. We've played for a while now which is why its so interesting it just started happening. Bluetooth connection interference was my next thought. Mine has no issues, even when his fails. I have 'searched' for base stations and isolated the name of his and mine. Might there be a way to disable specific base stations based on their ID?
  2. I have two original vives at my house. One downstairs in the living room, one upstairs in my roommate's room. We have been playing for a few months now no issues. All of a sudden, my roommates vive will loose tracking and grey screen after we play together a few minutes. If I turn my steam vr off and unplug my base stations, his will run correctly again. Not sure what would've caused this out of the blue but any suggestions would help. So far I have: Changed cable to link box, Disabled all USB items and reinstalled all new drivers for base stations. Like I said, they are upstairs and downstairs so no conflicting line of sight.
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