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  1. Hello, thank you for your answer, I found out that the problem still occurs without using the MRTK3 tool, when i Initialize XR sometimes Unity Crashes. Without the checkbox on "Compatibility mode" this problem still occurs. I tested this with a nearly empty unity project where only openXR is enabled. The Crashlog from Unity has following line concerning the crash and my openXR settings: i also have the full crash log attached. Some tests showed, that this problem only occurs, when the Vive Business Streaming Application is installed and the XR Headset is initialized with SteamVR on the Computer. Using only for example the VIVE Pro did not result in Unity crashes. (But only if Vive Business Streaming is not installed) Thanks in advance for your help! Editor.log
  2. Hello, I am currently developing a VR application with the Focus 3 and MRTK3. Sadly it is impossible to use the latest Vive OpenXR package with the MRTK3, when starting the play mode unity crashes. - This doesn't happen with an older Version of the package (v1.0.6). Does anyone know the reason for these crashes. I tested this with the MRTKDevTemplate Unity Project. Thanks in advance for any tips on this topic.
  3. @Alex_HTC Hi, are there any news concerning this weird Tracking Problem in Standalone Mode with OpenXR?
  4. @Alex_HTC Hi, are there any news concerning this weird Tracking Problem in Standalone Mode with OpenXR?
  5. I fixed it, it seems i had the false permissions for Vive Business streaming to find the SteamVR installation. You need to install as admin.
  6. Hi, i am unable to install VIVE Business streaming on my work PC. I always get the message that SteamVR is not found although i installed SteamVR and started it. I tried the recommended troubleshooting with re-installing Steam and SteamVR, starting it and also verified the integrity of tool files as recommended. The System requirements are met and the GPU driver is up to date. Does anyone else have this issue?
  7. @Alex_HTC Thanks for the quick reply! I currently use the ROM Version: 3.3.999.418 Unity Version: 2021.2.14f1 The following packages are installed: The issue only happened on the device, not in the editor. I also made a standalone build of the XR Interaction Toolkit Example on the Focus3 device and had the same tracking issue (Unity Version 2021.2.14f1, ROM Version: 3.3.999.418, Installed Packages: In the editor the tracking also worked fine in this example. I will test out removing different unneeded packages and see if the issue can be fixed.
  8. First of all, nice tutorial! I was able to build for the Focus3, but i had the issue that the tracking of the left controller position and rotation seemed fine, but the tracking of the right controller had an strange offset and didn't work correctly (I used the OpenXR (1.3.1) and the Default Input Actions of the XR Interaction Toolkit(2.0.0)). The button inputs also seem to work correctly. When i test my application in the unity Editor, the interaction profile of the oculus controllers are used and everything works fine. Does the VIVE Focus3 Interaction Profile use a different tracking or am i missing something here?
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