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  1. The program that I was using didn't support the newer sranipal installation. I had to use the sranipal installation from the steam installation of vive console
  2. Uninstalling the program deletes the folder, I also tried deleting the folder and reinstalling the program and still have the same issue. I assume you mean submitting a ticket through vbs so that is what I did, putting "for C.T. forum TKDoggo" in the description. Thanks
  3. Yes, even switching to basic to beta and so forth I assume the latest one is installed when the program is reinstalled, I have no control over what version is being used.
  4. So after months of waiting to use the new focus 3 with steam vr, I have been unable to use it because it keeps giving me this unknown error. My first issue is I was not able to click the gear to open the settings window, and after 30 back and forth emails I was told to revert the beta, now I am only getting this error no matter what I do, Ive reinstalled windows, reinstalled steam, vbs, everything and have no idea what is wrong. I've spent too much money on the focus 3 and I'm unable to use it, I bought the headset and all the accessories almost a year ago and have not been able to use it since. I would like to use the headset or have it refunded.
  5. Recently bought the focus 3 with face and eye tracking. I use the latest vive business streaming. Face and eye tracking does work with Sranipal BUT eyes do not blink and any sort of eyelid movement is not detected. I'm not sure what the issue is and I contacted vive and they haven't responded to my issue in days but seemed interesting in the problem.
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