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  1. Yeap, the problem was because of sdk version. It's working on 5.0.3
  2. HI @Alex_HTC Updated pastebin. Also, recently found that 2 latest waveVR patches are not working with focus+. Now testing with previous sdk version.
  3. Greetings. I need to port an app working on oculus quest 2, developed on unity 2021.3.16f1 with oculus XR plugin. I created a empty Unity project to try building simple app for Vive Focus, with URP. Then Installed XR Plugin management, Wave XR, Wave XR - Essence, and VIU (not using anything now from it, but as I Understood i ll need this when porting). Added to empty scene WaveRig from WaveXR plugin, as it is said in Getting started in official documentation. And tried to build app to Focus, with all steps did from Getting started doc. Build successful, but it is not working. It launches, black screen for 10 seconds, then crashes to main menu. Also I tried using Direct Preview and launching editor scene and watching it from Focus via usb, but Direct Preview app behaves the same as app build - 10 seconds, crash to desktop. I went to android studio to debug apk on Focus, and saw an fatal error, but i can't understand why this is happening. Log can be found here Log Please, help me solve this problem.
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