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  1. I do get the following error and Wave Keyboard doesn't come up at this point: NullReferenceException while resolving binding 'Submit:*/{Submit}' in action map 'DefaultInputActions (UnityEngine.InputSystem.InputActionAsset):UI'
  2. Yes I will get it to you! In the meantime, I got a keyboard plugin that works in the editor, but not on the device. Every time the OnSelect event gets called from the TMP_InputField, I get the following logs in Logcat: I seems Wave is grabbing focus and somehow the eventing flow is getting interrupted. Is there a way to disable this functionality?
  3. Hi, I have a login and search system on my game and I need keyboard access to support it. I have the keyboard coming up from the Wave Essence SDK but the callbacks seem to not get called. I have logged the callbacks and I never see the logs. Any ideas here?
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