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  1. Hey, In unreal engine we want to be able to tell our player that they lost tracking as soon as they lose it. However, we noticed that the the lost tracking detection event only triggers after 7 seconds (on average) of losing tracking (when moving head, the world follows). Is there anyway we can get that event to trigger within a second of losing tracking, as we would like to make our games local multiplayer and wouldn't want anyone bumping into each other while playing.
  2. Hey, It turns out that when we switched over to the new device management tool instead of VBC, the lost detection event works now with the LBE features.
  3. Hi, I am trying to have it so the headset (Vive Focus 3) will tell the game (Unreal Engine 4) when it loses tracking, so I can provide a warning to the players that tracking has been lost and they must stay put. However, I noticed that the code to detect lost tracking does not work if the headset is in LBE Mode. I tried the same code provided here: https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/en-us/WVR_GetDeviceErrorState.html#_CPPv440WVR_DeviceErrorStatus_DeviceLostTracking on a headset with no LBE Features enabled and it works, after 5-10 seconds of forcing a lost tracking. Would anyone know why the code works on a headset with no LBE features but not an headset with those features enabled?
  4. Hey. For me I would just like to see the crash logs of the headset, we had an issue multiple times where while playing our game for like 45min to an hour and constantly moving, the headset would just crash. Initially we thought it was the game so we put a crash tool with the game but the tool didn't pickup anything so now we want to see if there is some sort of crash logs of the headset in the zip file to help us better understand what is going on.
  5. Hey were you ever able to figure this out? I am also stuck on this
  6. Hi, So I am trying to build a VR game in UE4 using the Vive Focus 3 and I want the headset to tell me when it loses tracking for a safety precaution. In my C++ Pawn Class, I have a function that should return whether or not the headset lost tracking. It uses a external class from Wave that should return a bool if the device does actually lose tracking. Although the code is clearly able to find the declaration of these functions and variables, once it gets to building, it gives me an unresolved external symbol error. Does anyone know why this is and how I can fix it?
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