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  1. @Kevin chen, @Hextaku, @C.T.: Thanks for the lively discussion. Can you please indicate whether only VIVE Streaming Hub + SteamVR are necessary, or I need to purchase Virtual Desktop? I am unable to see the desktop to connect to when I connect the Vive XR Elite to my PC's hotspot network (Windows Hotspot, AX200). My PC has wired ethernet. I'd really appreciate some detailed steps on trying out this connection.
  2. Can you please explain how you set up the connection?
  3. My PC is connected by ethernet to my wifi 5 router. If I connect the XR Elite to the router's wifi network, I can connect to my PC wirelessly and the PCVR streaming works through VIVE Streaming Hub + SteamVR. My PC has a wifi 6 card, and I would like to use it as a hotspot to create a direct connection to the XR Elite for better bandwidth and without other traffic. In Windows 10, I can create a 'mobile hotspot' network and I can connect the XR Elite to this network. However, I can't see my PC from this network, and have no way of connecting to it wirelessly. I also don't see any setting in VIVE Streaming Hub about using such a hotspot network. I know that the Oculus can connect directly to PC hotspots via Virtual Desktop: Is this possible with only VIVE Streaming Hub, or will it be possible? Otherwise, how can I do this with Virtual Desktop on the XR Elite?
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