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  1. without the trackers, we have found that 6e signal performs much better when streaming to the Focus 3 - are there plans to fix/improve performance while using 6e/ultimate trackers? or is it a hardware issue that makes the trackers just flat out incompatible with 6e?
  2. yes, the software was developed using a prior version. this one is by a third party developer, so i'll have to await them to implement the updated SDK, i was just hoping for a temporary quick fix in the meantime - but it makes sense that we can't adjust the proximity timeout. we'll give that feedback to the developers and have them update. thank you for your reply - much appreciated. happy new year!
  3. Thanks Tony! Though, on both VB+ and the focus 3 settings page, The only setting we see (in headset settings and VB+) is for the headset 'sleep' timer... not the screen shut off that the proximity sensor triggers right away. Am I missing something? We have our sleep timer set through VB+ higher already, but the issue is that the headset stops reporting location data to the gameserver after the proximity sensor turns the screen off (about 3 seconds). hence, the player disappears from other player's view too quickly.
  4. Hello! Is there a possibility to push a setting to the focus 3 headset via ADB to extend the proximity sensor timeout? For example, it currently will shut the screen off in about 3 seconds. Curious if we could push a setting to extend this to 10-15 seconds? Using the headsets in a free-roam LBE environment, and would like to be able to keep the screen on a little longer to help when people pop their headsets off for a little bit to scratch eyes/etc... In speaking with a colleague, it looks like some of the content we use (third party developer) aren't on the latest version of the Wave SDK, so the headset halts (instead of clocking down) when the proximity sensor triggers the screen to shut off. So other players see them disappear very quickly I am hoping that extending the proximity timeout would possibly mitigate it temporarily, until the developers can implement the latest SDK. Thanks! Devin, noobs VR
  5. Hello! We have started to test with the VIVE ultimate tracker - utilizing VBS and Steam VR. It is performing well, but one issue that throws a wrench in utilizing titles that are already optimized to the old vive 2.0/3.0 trackers - it's orientation. It seems that our software is receiving the position of the ultimate tracker as if it was a vive tracker 3.0 tipped up backwards 90 degrees. Ideally we still would like the old trackers to function on the same piece of software as the ultimate trackers - and utilize the same mounting positions. (mounting position is on top of the wrist - steam VR tracker setting is 'Held In Hand') This is how we have to position the ultimate tracker to match the pose of the vive tracker 3.0. Ideally, to simplify compatibility, we would want the ultimate tracker to have the same orientation as the vive tracker 3.0: On that note, we run the same issue with the wrist trackers - the pose is like you are holding the wrist tracker like a controller, instead of wearing it on top of the wrist. If there is any tool to change the pose of the trackers on VBS or Steam VR, i'm not aware of it... There used to be an inputemulator software that would do just that on steam VR (add-on) - but that has been long incompatible for a couple years. Any help in this would be appreciated, Cheers! Devin, noobs VR
  6. Unless I am missing something completely, I don't believe that these features are readily available. We have 1 LBE VR title that we plan to port away from our backpack PCs to the Vive Focus 3 streaming. The issue with this move is that there are times where the responsiveness of the boundary walls being triggered is too low for safety reasons (don't want guests accidentally running into walls, but it just triggers too close to the boundary to make the title work right) It would be extremely helpful to have the customization features like Steam VR: specifically, a much denser grid option, brighter laser-red color, and how many meters away it triggers. It would also be helpful to be able to enable these customizations on VBS, rather than just the the headset batch config - so we can have a denser grid enabled when streaming. If there is some current workaround that exists, please let me know! Cheers! -Devin Johnson, noobs VR, Redlands, CA USA
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