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  1. @Vivi Wu Hello again, I have another question. You see, I managed to make it work with Vive Business Streaming on Focus 3, but the workaround with devmode json doesn't seem to work with Vive Streaming Hub. Updating VSH to beta also doesn't seem to help much -- the passthrough option appears but the app itself shuts down after a few seconds of working. Do you have an advice for that? Help will be much appreciated, thank you in advance!
  2. @Xoart, @MoodDreamButterfly In case if you're still looking for it, you need to update Vive Business Streaming on your PC to beta and through it on your headset too. After that, there'll be a new experimental feature in the graphics settings. Enable it and set the camera rendering in your Unity camera to solid color, set it black with alpha = 0, the passwthrough will render instead of skybox. It will also render on any object where material's alpha is <1, note that
  3. Ok, now I have made it and feel rather stupid because it didn't work just until i updated the streaming app on the headset. @Vivi Wu , thank you very much for your help and tutorial, you are a life saver!
  4. @Xoart, @MoodDreamButterfly This guy here says he could use passthrough with a PC as target platform, I suggest you to follow this thread
  5. Please, let me get this straight: if your build target platform is PC how did you manage to get passthrough? I'm struggling on it for days now!
  6. Stuck on the same page here, hope the devs answer soon
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