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  1. Hi @VIVE_chengnay, thanks for your reply. The MR feature in Vive Video is barebones and not useful. It allows you to see through the camera only beyond the dimensions of the video, and not within the video. What I'm interested in is viewing AR videos with a passthrough filter that allows for a true AR experience, as seen in this link: Passthrough AR videos, the next frontier of the Virtual Reality experience! | DeoVR Is there something like this available or coming out for this device?
  2. Is there any way to properly watch AR videos with passthrough, local or the DLNA? DeoVR works great for this, but this app is only available through SteamVR. Unfortunately, the camera isn't accessible while streaming through SteamVR as discussed here: link. I tried some video apps on viveport but didn't seem like any had this feature.
  3. It's been several months, @C.T. is this still being worked on? Is there a timeframe?
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