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  1. Hi @VIVE_chengnay, Yes I understand that the setup is optimized for 10m x 10m, and my own setup is 13 x 6.5m. Please check if there's someone who can further assist. Would adding more basestations, and/or moving the wireless link box closer to the 6.5m mark (half of 13.0m) of my space, possibly be one of the solutions?
  2. Hi @VIVE_chengnay, the room contains overhead ceiling lights (9ft tall room). There are 4 windows, that are always draped/covered so that sunlight does not enter. However, even with the lights off, signal connections/glitches/disconnects still occur in the lower right area.
  3. See Drawing - https://imgur.com/a/YSnigxb I am using an HTC Vive Pro Eye VR headset, with 4 SteamVR 2.0 basestations and 1 wireless link box. One limitation I have is that, with only using 4 base stations and 1 wireless link box, I only get enough stable coverage to sustain a 10m x 6.5m10m space (which, is the advertised limit). My single-room, non-obstructed/open, rectangular space is longer than that, measuring at 14.0m by 6.5m. As a result, I get frequent glitches, signal dropouts, and noise if I play games beyond 10 meters from the wireless link box. The 4 steamVR 2.0 base stations are spread out across the 14.0m x 6.5m space, so I'm not sure if it's moreso a distance from the wireless link box (placed at the beginning of the 14.0m space) that's the issue, the amount of base stations, etc. Is there any way to configure perhaps more than 1 wireless link box, and/or configure more than 4 base stations, so I have coverage throughout my entire space? I'm wondering how VR arcades can handle this, considering that they have multi-user/multi-room spaces that are much larger than mine with flawless coverage/signal. I have space to put another computer at the end of the space, if that's a way to split the signal/resources so that I can have more than 4 base stations and/or wireless link boxes. What things should I consider when installing more than two SteamVR Base Stations? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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