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  1. Thank you Johnson, It is working now but SUPER laggy. I need to work on my optimization skills.
  2. Dear Devs, I wanted to use HTC Focus 3 on UE5.3 and I found out that there is no WaveSDK for that. Is there one coming soon? I decided to go back and use UE5.2 Following all documents, it works, and I was able to compile my project successfully, BUT whenever I wear the headset, it crashes immediately on me. Anyone can help me with this? GMaxOpenGLColorSamples >= (GLint)InDesc.NumSamples [File:./Runtime/OpenGLDrv/Private/OpenGLTexture.cpp] [Line: 295] libUnreal. so(0x0000000013EC10A8)! FOpenGLDynamicRHI: RHICreateTexture2DArrayFromResource(EPixelFormat, unsigned int, unsi [1 LI 0x000000780082EB70 libc. so(0x0000000000084870): Unknown 0x0000007A0800A504 libUnreal. so(0x0000000013EB7504) !FOpenGLTextureDesc: :FOpenGLTextureDesc(FRHITextureDesc const&) 0x0000007A080140A8 0x00000079FF120300 libUnreal. so(0x000000000AFD9300) ! Unknown 0x00000079FF1298FC libUnreal. so(0x000000000AFD68FC) !Wave: Render: : FWaveVRTexturePool:: CreateColorInPool(unsigned int) 0x00000079FF12971C libUnreal. so(0x000000000AFD671C) !Wave: Render:: FWaveVRTextureManager: :AllocateColorTexture(Wave: :Render:: FWaveVRRenderTe 0x00000079FF0F310C libUnreal. so(0x000000000AFA010C) !FWaveVRRender: AllocateRenderTargetTexture(unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int, un 0x0000007A07483470 libUnreal. so(0x0000000013330470) !FSceneViewport: :InitDynamicRHI() 0x0000007A032CE5E8 1ibUnreal. so(0x000000000F17B5E8) !FRenderResource: :InitResource() 0x0000007A03317FAC libUnreal. so(0x000000000F1C4FAC) ! [Unknown]( 0x0000007A016C154 libUnreal.so(0x000000000D56EB54) !FNamedTaskThread: :ProcessTasksNamedThread(int, bool) 0x0000007A016BFF80 libUnreal. so(0x000000000D56CF80) |FNamedTaskThread: :ProcessTasksUntilQuit(int) 0x0000007A016BEFC4 libUnreal.so(0x000000000D56BFC4) !FTaskGraphCompatibility|mplementation: ProcesshreadUntilRequestReturn(ENamedThreads: T 0x0000007A0327797C 1ibUnreal. so(0x000000000F12497C) [RenderingThreadlain(FEvent Cl 0x0000007A0328E5A8 libUnreal. so(0x000000000F13B5A8)! FRenderingThreadi: Rund) 0x0000007A01854340 LibUnreal. so(0x000000000D701340) | FRunnable hreadPThread:: Run@ 0x0000007A016BB3A0 1EbUnreal.so(0x00000000005683A0) ! FRunnableThreadPThread: : ThreadProc(void*) Note: It works on Quest 2 but a bit laggy. Thank you very much. Best regards,
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