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  1. Thank you for the response. I've tried everything in the troubleshooting guide. Also tried rebooting the PC. No luck fixing it. The icon on the SteamVR window shows the headset and the two base stations. All functioning normally, including in other games, except for this new MSFS issue.
  2. I've been greatly enjoying MSFS 2020 (MS store version) with my Vive Pro 2 for some time. As of a day or so ago (and without any changes to settings either in MSFS itself, or in the Steam/Vive Console) the headset won't load into VR. From the game menu, when I hit "Toggle VR", the the headset just shows the loading box where it says "Waiting". Meanwhile, MSFS itself has begun rendering in VR that I can see on the monitor (both eye displays visible), and it asks me to look forward and center the view. The VR view does not track the headset movement as when it does fully work. I've tried restarts, disconnecting the connections between the PC and the headset, and resetting the Steam Open XR runtime. Nothing helps. Other games are running just fine. Wondering if anyone has dealt with this. Thanks!
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