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I asked for a refund for the vive pro 2. It's sad.


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Unfortunately I have no choice but to have this headset far away from me.

I'm done having to explain my self to the technical team, telling that I've already sent the headset and nothing has been done, that we don't have any contacts with the engineers, that we can't have any information regarding the panel issues with the vertical lines that we have.

No repairs and no contacts, lack of professionalism and seriousness.

I used to really be a fan of HTC but it the end It's not a consumer-friendly company.


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Yep. horrible company for consumers with horrible products.

Their cosmos elite is seriously horribly designed in every way possible - just got to think intricately about it (nose piece, comfort material, lesnes, weight distrobution, hinge looseness, lightbleed, bad specs, heat issues, useless cameras, list goes on and on).

The pro 2 is disguisting; bad specs, overpriced, evil to make and sell this junk rather than make something actually good, or do what they bloody promised and make modules for the cosmos, so its modularity is no longer a massive lie (which it still is by the way, don't forget that).

The wireless is awesome but functions entirely thanks to intel - I can say that for certain because htc made it have horrible thermals - getting to 90c and resulting in major display errors; its a bulky design, easily interrupted by wires, has a short battery life, can't use the massive device to power other stuff like a fan, which by the way is an essential mod

The software is horrible; the updates give zero info if they were some false positive or they actually worked; the ipd never bloody works, htc requires multiple softwares just to get vr running, and its really just poorly done.


NEVER get anything from HTC again. They are completely incompetent at delivering to consumers; they only thing they have at least a chance of being capable of, is business vr. VIVE's largest accomplishments were all thanks to other companies: The og vive was all thanks to valve - which is specially evident based on the fact that even vive's new fancy premium headsets (cosmos) don't have the ESSENTIAL eye relief function/feature! And wireless is again all thanks to Intel. The vive pro, pro 2, cosmos, and their accessories are garbage. The accesories are 'innovative', but I 100% expect them to be complete pieces of underdesigned overpriced overcomplicated tedius bastard devices.

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its why i didnt even bothered to send my vp2 to repairs for the pixel inversion bullshit,i asked for a refund instantly,people on the forum sent it for repair before me and got it back with the "no issue found" statement,got an 8kx wich also had like 10% pixel inversion of what vive pro 2 had,and a technician from pimax sent me a tool in wich you can easily allign the pixels perfectly till there is no inversion,i could even replicate the vive pro 2 atrocious sde with head movement on my 8kx,identically and you can easily allign it back from that vive pro 2 quality,htc doesnt even care for such a simple solution,i will never purchase an htc product again,i keep coming back to this forum and still see its not fixed wich makes me so happy that i returned my vive pro 2 and didnt waste months without vr.

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It is a shame HTC did not just send you guys new units right away that were having this issue rather than holding on to them for weeks then sending back with no issue found. Obviously there is an issue there as it has happened to a few of you as represented here on the forums.  I would have done the same as you guys in this case and abandoned Vive.

And it really is a shame in that there are good headsets out there as I can attest to. Been running mine hard daily since getting it in June and have been very pleased with mine.  I have both a Reverb G2 and an Index sitting here and much prefer my Vive Pro 2 now. Still knocking on wood to be safe though lol.

Previously I used the G2 for my flight sims and the Index for other made for VR games like Alyx, now though I am glad to be back to one headset with the Vive Pro 2. Hoping my luck continues to hold out...

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