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Windows doesn't detect Vive Pro cameras


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Windows 10 doesn't detect my Vive Pro passthrough cameras and they don't work anymore. Shouldn't they show in device manager on their own? Otherwise the headset works perfectly. Does this mean that the camera component is broken? Does the warranty cover this? I bought the headset from vive.com/eu/ 21 months ago.

About 9 months ago the right headphone stopped working, because the cable was bent and damaged, where it leaves the headset. I had stepped on the cable too often while moving my head. I applied duct tape around the bent area to straighten and strengthen the cable and this fixed the sound issue permanently. Could this damage also cause the issue with cameras? Manipulating the damaged spot on the cable doesn't help like it did 9 months ago with the right headphone. Does the warranty cover this kind of damage? Is it possible to test the fitness of the cable with a multimeter?

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