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Extreme controller vibration when using VIU Haptic Pulse

Arthur de Souza

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Hello everyone. I am having issues with the Vive Focus Plus haptics.

I'm using the Vive Input Utility v1.13.2.0 and WaveVR 4.1.1-r.3.1. I am testing my application on the Vive Focus Plus.

Whenever I use the method TriggerHapticPulse, the controllers will trigger vibration for a really long time, with a high intensity. The normal behavior I had was vibration with the correct duration in micro seconds. I will usually call this method with 500 as parameter.

ViveInput.TriggerHapticPulse(handRole, microSecondsDuration);

Right now, I had to totally deactivate the haptics since it was unplayable. Do you have any idea of what that might be?

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