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VR Motion Sickness Training App

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I think it would be great if one of the developers that's already made some great VR games could make a free app to coach people on how to mitigate VR sickness.


While running using the touch pad on the Vive controllers, most people get sick because they are standing still while their eyes are telling their brain that movement is occuring.   To greatly mitigate this, all one needs to do is mime running in place.   I'm to the point now where I don't feel motion sickness at all. 


You can do this in any of the games that allows free movement, but the problem is there's usually distractions, like enemies attacking you or storylines that stop your movement.   Having an app that allows you to run at a speed that you pick and coaches you as you move, with no other distractions would allow them to slowly get used to the motion gently.


The app could coach them by having a relay race of sorts.  Dash for 10 seconds then stop for a moment on a blue circle on the ground.  Wait, then when the circle turns green, dash to the next circle.  Bob your head, pump your arms and gently lift your feet ever so slightly off the ground (not too much you dont want to fall).


Then tackle jumping, dodging, etc. 


None of the games so far really have anything like this.  I think it would help many people get over the sickness and then they would play VR more often, and probably by more VR games/apps.



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