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hey all I've been running a vive with no problems for several years,but recently I've had a issue,after around 30 mins to a hr I'm having grey screen/tacking loss problems,it's mainly if I go to look down, and then I get brief fashes which steadily get worse.

I found by chance if I shut steam vr down and then restart around 5 to 20 mins later it seems to stop,at least for a while, tried the usual,checked base stations, both seem to be fine,tried steam beta and non beta, reseated the cable,nothing.

Only thing that has changed recently is I have a new monitor, old one was connected by a old dvi lead, this one is a dp connection, I did start steam and then shut the monitor off and remove the lead but still the same problem,all I can think is the 3 in 1 lead is a bit twisted,I have tried to remove any twists or kinks in the lead,could it be the lead is damaged? I don't want to buy a new one unless I'm sure.

I'm running out of ideas to try now so any thoughts anyone what else I could do?

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I've had a quick look in the stem report, can't seem to find anything much there other than one entry, lighthouse: TrackedCamera: Failed to find camera at USB VID:0BB4, USB PID:030C 

Two other things I've found from looking this up, one seems to be it happens alot if the HMD overheats, and my play area has been hot recently, in the 28 - 30 range, another thing,when you look down and you get grey screen, try covering up the front sensor,I've found if I cover the right side the tracking loss issue stops! so I'm wondering if it it a sensor fault,have atry and see if it works for you,could be the same issue

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after alot of trying of different ideas,it seems it is a sensor issue for me, it always seems to start playing up after about a hr or so,and always if I try to look down it loses it,I've covered the front sensor on the right side for me and it stops! so logic would say it is a sensor! oh well I can't afford a repair for now so have to hope it doesn't get worse

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