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Vive SRanipal/Facial Tracker Lag or Data send issue

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Hey all, so while trying to solve my high cpu usage issue with SRanipal, I have no run into a new issue. Eye tracking works perfectly fine, but my facial tracker is only sending data (or SRanipal is only receiving data) for about 5 frames every 2 seconds. 

In Unreal Engine and in other apps like Neos, I will open my mouth, and after about 2 seconds it will get the data and open the avatar mouth and move slightly over the course of 5 frames, but then it will freeze and receive no inputs, until 2 seconds later in which case the mouth will update. 

The Eyes work fine and receive data consistently so it is something to do with the Facial Tracker to SRanipal. This was all working fine just a few days ago. 

I know the problem is not a delay issue, because every 2 seconds it will match my face at the current time, but then it will simply freeze at that point ceasing any further data until 2 seconds later.


Sorry if any of this is confusing, I am quite mentally exhausted after struggling with this device for the past week.

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Having just installed my new facial tracker onto my Vive Pro 2, I'm getting a similar if not the same issue where the camera feed seems to run at something like 5 FPS which effectively renders it unusable. Please advise of a fix. I've tried the old version of the Sranipal driver, I've tried getting rid of anything that could feasibly interfere with the video stream (K-Lite codec pack ect) and nothing works. Everything else (trackers/headset/controllers) is perfectly fine.

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I'm having this exact same issue... It was happening on both a wireless and wired connection. I think it might be a port on my headset though, it seems to happen only when I have the tracker plugged into the headset. If I have it directly plugged into my PC with an extended USB C cable, the connection is perfectly stable.

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