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VIVEPORT: Information about VR Arcades and licensing?

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Dear reader,


I've recently started on a plan with two of my fellow mates to make a VR-arcade, as part of a school project for our subject Managment & Organisation.


We already encountered quite some struggles along the way regarding legal issues about using 3rd party hard- and software. We're planning on using the HTC Vive (BE), Oculus and PSVR.


We were very glad to find out about VIVEPORT Arcade (Shoutout to VR-fanatic Se7en for the help) and would love to know more about this program.


On top of that we would like to talk to someone who knows a lot about the VR industry and the usage of VR products in an arcade setting.


We would be very pleased if there was someone who is capable to help us (one way or the other), who would reach out to us.


I'll be checking  the comments on the daily here, but it would be better is you could e-mail me instead, so I can get into contact more easily.


Thanks in advance and have a nice day,


~V. Boon / SoulSurvivor


E-mail: v.boonofficial@gmail.com

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Hi, we would like to start up with private business in the North Italy (Lombardia).
Unfortunately it's very difficult to find any kind of information here around so we need your help, if it possible.
Here below I give you our idea :
We wish to work in this way: 
- we will have no fix position as we would like to take a van and installate all equipments inside of van
- we would like to participate in different fairs, shows, pubs or any commercial local to present the games
- we are thinking to buy 2-4 PCs for gaming+ HTC Vive Business(full pack) +  Cyberith virtualizer and all necessaries accessories
We would like to know if someone can give us any contact information in Italy about Viveport Arcade?
We will apricate any information you can give us to proceed and start with our own business, as it's really urgent for us.
Thank you in advance,
Waiting for your reply 
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