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Cosmos current tracking, performance and bit of other wonderings.

radek J

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Not new to VR but recently got a great offer on a vive cosmos. The inside out tracking one, not the elite.

Reading up on it, I see there has been quite a few udates to adress tracking issues, and even performance. So I have a few questions to those experienced with it.

1: Tracking. I really don't care about the controller tracking, play seated sims only, though reading the customer horror stories where a mid-day and well lit room wasn't enough to satisfy viveport and activate tracking - is the threshold lower now? I really don't wan't to re-lit my room, as I play my games when kids are asleep - at night, with a few lights on but hardly flooded. G2 had no issues in this environment.

2. Performance. The performance update mentions significant gains in dx12 performance. My go to games are dx11 though and cpu hungry. What can I expect? Having tried both the index and g2, the index is leaps ahead of the g2 in fps even when rendering the same amount of pixels and playing the same game in both. This is a topic and difference between hmd's often untouched by reviewers, but would anyone know how the viveort based hmd's fare in comparison to say a rift or index in framerate on dx11 based games?

Appreciate any input here. 

Radek J

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