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Cosmos Elite: Loose connection at headset


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Is there not a better design for the link cable at the headset?  I've been experiencing issues with Steam VR not detecting one of my controllers. Apparently, one of the Watchman dongles (per the system report, the one attached to port 3 on the hub) isn't being seen.  Tonight, I tried multiple things...reinstalling the USB drivers, reinstalling Steam VR, multiple restarts, and directly connecting my Vive wands to usb cables in the computer. Headset always reported "one of the wireless receivers isn't connecting". Controllers were fine (via pc), headset video is fine, but when the controllers are wireless, only one connects. 

I finally tried looking at the cable. I removed the face cushion, and noticed a bit of wiggle in the cable. Unplugged it, reseated it, and the headset found the second watchman. However, when I put the face cushion back on, it disconnected. Does the connector -really- have to be as long as it is?  I imagine that it's length introduces all kinds of potential failure scenarios, and I guess a low-profile connector that didn't extend quite so far from the plug would be a lot more stable.  Is there some kind of low-tech solution I can make here that won't risk breaking the connector mount on the headset board...or am I looking at a new cable, or a headset RMA?

I never had this issue with my Original Vive and the 3-in-1 cable.  This proprietary connector seems to be more trouble than it's worth.

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