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VIVE Pro Eye can not connect Headset from SteamVR


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I have a VIVE Pro Eye headset, I have use it for one year. Start from two weeks ago, SteamVR can not connect it anymore. The screen is black, the light is in red color. On the StearmVR panel, no Base Station and Headset icon. It always prompt  headset not connect Error code 108. I have tried all the 5 method from website. No one works. I delete the SteamVR and reinstalled still not working. Reinstall VIVE still same thing. In setup VIVE, it prompt  the USB detected, DisplayPort detected. But when go to room setting, it prompt no headset connected! Could you help me figure this? I use another headset plug into this linkbox, it works fine right way. And In the SteamVR setting, Device Basestation shows Bluetooth not avialable.  Please see attached images.





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MY headset video cable gets twisted from use  and before I stopped this it was to late.   Its my guess my 108 is from the cable  I would be constantly fighting AMD usb issues also?  constant battle to get the thing to work and now nothing and will invest into another brand before paying the price to replace it. The unit is good my gripe is access to cable replacements.



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