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Ok I got my headset back and you guys are not ready to hear what I'm gonna say unfortunately.

2nd time the headset has been repaired but...(first time no issues found)
First of all they f***ed up the tracking of the headset, it just won't track anymore and when it does it will jitter a lot and I will fall under the ground and my controllers won't track properly... Because the controllers mainly use the headset for tracking.
No worries I tried all and my old vive is tracking fine... so yeah they did partly fix the vertical lines issue, it's almost to a point that it doesn't bother me anymore but still there and the static noise is gone aswell.
But now I'm with a headset that won't track so I have a completely unusable headset...
At this point it's disrespectful, at the repair center CTDI they won't test the headset after the repair which is absolutely crazy..... guys, just think about it, they just replaced everything without even a check. I have to spend 39€45 for the third time returning the headset again.... Guys honestly if you have a headset already and you're struggling with the pro 2 I would suggest you to sell it if it still works or if you can ask for a return/refund with your retailer and getting something smarter.. I feel dumb at this point, I trusted a little too much and that's what I got.
HTC has for me become the worst VR company in the world.
Good luck guys.

here's a look at CTDI's repair, the description of the issue doesn't make any sense and they just replaced everything inside the headset... Also yeah, they DID NOT test the headset before returning, how worse could that be ? Really, I mean you get it, it's going way too far, something has to be done.

I understand that some of you are not dealing with these issues and well you might have been lucky, but think, you paid a lot for the headset, just imagine how it would feel if you have this kind of experience, that could be you right now or in the future..



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