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Extension for Link Box Power


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Has anyone found an extension cable for the Vive Link Box power plug? I purchased a 3.5mm x 1.3mm but it ended up not being the right size. I guess that's the size for the headset side of the linke box. I want to move the wall wart out of the way and use the extension cable. From everything I could find and my own measurements, it looks like the plug is 3.75mm x 1.35mm.

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That's how I have it now. The problem is that now the wall wart is dragging on the ground which is putting stress on the wire connection. If I can get an extension, then the wall wart will be in the outlet and the wires can move freely.

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Here is what I'm working on for anyone else running into this same issue. I just ordered the below two items from eBay:




and this from Amazon:



I don't know if these will be the right size but I'm going to find out. I will post back here what I find.

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This ended up working. I cut the plugs off and attached them to a longer cable. The male connector they sent was actually 3.5mm and not 3.8mm like advertised but the female plug was 3.8mm. The 3.5mm seems to be working but I wouldn't necessarily recommend doing this :)


I tried ordering more 3.8mm male connectors since they're onyl $2 shipped. I'll report back if these are the right size.

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