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Campaign Winner Show & Tell


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Hi Guys

The free giveaway campaign, “Build In VR And Get The Real Object”, draw to a satisfactory end. Some long-distance CRAFTers’ physical crafts are still on the way. Knock, knock, who is there? Will it be a surprise for them? ; )


Thanks for all the beautiful and unique crafts (models) from you guys. And your feedbacks as well as suggestions are greatly taken care of. We really appreciate it. There were many nice chats with CRAFTers. Today, I’m gonna pick one of the winners and share his craft with the community

Can I call him Mr. Maker here? (As for his real name, private info Shhh ) Ok, so Mr.Maker had played the game for a while before and he signed up for the campaign. I’m not sure what his job is, but he is definitely good at building stuff. His craft shot in the CRAFT workshop:


Yes, they're spinning tops. Really nice work. I guess Mr.Maker loves making stuff and likes trying new things. I hope he was passionate about making and had enjoyed CRAFT so far : )
Look what he got

Real spinning tops which can actually spin! I kinda love the fat round one because it looks pretty and cute. What do you guys think?

This is one of our CRAFT winners. All the participants did a good job in designing and building in their own fantastic style. We’ll provide some other show & tell later. More can be expected!

Besides, the feature "Build In VR And Get The Real Object” will become an in-game purchase since the campaign is over. But donut feel bad if you missed the giveaway opportunity, cause there will be a discount week soon. We’ll keep you guys updated

Enjoy! Till next time ~


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