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Products restricted by country, still a problem


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Okay, so I made a thread earlier about a problem where if I tried to order a new Vive controller to Estonia I got this message:

The following products are restricted by the shipping country you specified.

You may go back and change your shipping information, or you may continue with your specified shipping country and have the following items removed from your order:

I figured out a workaround where if I use the Paypal checkout button instead of the regular one it would accept my order. However today I got a call from HTC telling me that my order is going to be cancelled and indeed it was cancelled. :smileysad: The reason is put as "Other" in the email. They refused to explain why on the phone. The guy just said that my order got "stuck in the system". What is going on here and how long is it going to take for me to get a refund?

Furthermore the strange thing is that the guy told me that I needed to reorder it instead of outright telling me that the controller can't be shipped here. Very confusing. I'm obviously not going to attempt again before I get a refund.

I successfully ordered a 3 in 1 cable a few weeks ago and had no trouble so could anyone please explain what is going on here?

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Just to let everyone else know they apparenly let me buy everything else, even a new base station, but only the controller is restricted. It's not out of stock or anything as far as I can tell. This makes no sense at all.

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I've contacted the shipping company, but they said that they don't deal with customer support.


Regardless the blue checkout button has stopped giving me the error and I've now also recieved a shipping confirmation.

It seems like this time I'm really getting it.

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