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Vive screen glitching out after video driver update


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After I update Radeon driver, Vive screens are going to glitch out looks like a embed image(it's not screenshot but looks similar to this)

I'm pretty sure it's not hardware problem but software, because my Vive is completely displays my desktop until first time to start SteamVR after install graphics driver, the other words, working perfect as a couple of 2D displays until the moment install vive driver.

Somehow I'd fixed this issue an year ago or so but I forget how to achieve it


I tried;

Remove all graphics driver, display profiles and softwares using DDU in safemode

Install latest Radeon driver that available, even tried roll back older driver.

unplug all linkbox cable from my pc and vive then delete all vr related usb drivers using usbdeview/steam vr developer settings 

Install driver while cabled and un-cabled.


I confirmed;

Head track sensors, base stations are working correctly (confirmed in 2D monitor)

HDMI audio is also working correctly

As I wrote, Vive is detected as a main 2D monitor after clean install graphic driver, displays desktop correctly so cables and display itself are not damaged I guess.



My PC specs

Windows 10 pro 64bit Build 18362

CPU Core i7 950 3.8GHz

GPU Radeon R9 270X VRAM4GB



I know my PC is quite outdated, but still ran VR stuff at least playable until tried to clean install graphic driver. so do not reply "buy new stuff" or something like that, its not an answer at all. 



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