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Code Redemption: Can't access codes anymore.


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Hi, I recently got m HTC Vive and the games it comes with (purchased in Microsoft store). I download my included games with the exception of the Plank Experience. Today, I went back to download it and when I put the code in to receive all the codes it had said it had already been used. Now I wanted to know what to do to get my game. Thanks very much in advance. 

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Hi ,


After you fill out the redemption form online, you should receive an email with the codes via email as well. Double check the email you used when filling out the redemption form, you should see an email from info@htcvive.com.

If you've already redeemed the code for Richie's Plank Experience in Viveport, the title should already be associated with your profile. Try going to the Library tab in the Viveport desktop app and see if Richie's Plank Experience is in the list there, you should see a 'Download' button.

If you're unable to find the code for Richie's Plank Experience, cannot find it in the list of apps in the Library tab, or Viveport otherwise indicates you need to purchase that title, please let us know so we can assist you further.

Have a great day!

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