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Help, Vive Pro Eye not working

Jesus Rosano

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Hi i recently bought a HTC Vive Pro Eye for development, i am working with Unity, this is not my first HTC Headset, i already own the first HTC Vive.
The problem is that i only have used it like 5 times, and yesterday while trying a unity development the headset didnt want to show unity anymore, it just put a blank screen, we tried to restart, and steam VR show something about some crashes in software and that some modules must be unblocked to continue, we unblock, and tried to keep using it, and it asks for reset of the headset. 
We reseted it several times, but the headset just wont start, it's with the red light on, and dosent go on stand by, we tried two computers and the problem persists, when i connect it windows detects the device and proceeds ton install it, but the vive installer dosent detect the USB, only display port, we tried differente USB connectors in the computer, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 And nothing.

We keep getting in Steam VR Error 108. I dont know if its because of the recent update, because old headset started normally, we just dont want to try it with unity, cause we dont know what caused the failure. Can some one help please, i dont know if it's recent steam vr update (1.20) that broke this.


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