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Accuracy of the VIVE tracker in high speed


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I'd like to ask you about the accuracy of the VIVE tracker.
I am using the HTC VIVE tracker for my baseball app.
I attached the VIVE tracker to a baseball bat and display the bat on the VR space, but when I swing the bat at the speed of 140km/h (90km/h for the tracker part), the location information is not correct.
(When I asked experienced baseball players to test it, several of them said that the swing position was out of sync with the expected swing position.)
Specifically, they said that the swing was drawn lower than it actually was.I also increased the number of base stations to four, but there was no improvement.
The environment we are using is as follows
  • Unity 2019.4.13f
  • VIVE Pro Eye
  • VIVE Tracker 1st gen
  • SteamVR Unity Plugin - v2.7.3 (sdk 1.14.15)
I would like to get accurate data for my experiment, can you please tell me how to improve it?
I will send you the transform data of the tracker as an attachment. I hope this will be helpful.
Thank you.


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