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Vive FAQ: My headset can't be detected due to a USB port issue. What should I do?


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Do the following steps to troubleshoot the issue:

  • Plug the USB cable into a different USB port to confirm if the error is due to a USB port-related issue.
    Option Description
    If you have a USB 2.0 port... Plug the USB cable into the USB 2.0 port.
    If you don't have a USB 2.0 port...

    1. Plug the USB cable into a generic USB 3.0 port.
    2. Open the SteamVR app, and then tap GUID-3BC52243-780C-40BE-B64D-C2645C60EDA1-web.png > Create system report.

    3. Make sure that Vive devices connect via a USB xHCI port rather than to a port from a specific manufacturer, which might have a compatibility issue with Vive.

    If the error is not resolved, your issue may not be due to USB port compatibility. For more troubleshooting suggestions, see What can I do to resolve the "‍headset not found"‍ error?.
  • Manually update the USB driver on your computer. You can also download and install official driver updates from the website of your motherboard or USB port manufacturer.

    If updating your USB driver doesn't solve the error, purchase and use another PCI-Express USB card (with Intel chipset). Based on our tests, this USB card work well with Vive:

    Inateck® 2-Port USB3.0 PCI-Express Card (Serial: KTU3FR-2O2I)

    For more information, you may refer to the GUID-9F4CF517-6621-41A4-8D1B-19BA7EEA3549-web.pngSteamVR Troubleshooting page.

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, it's more of a function of how the USB controller interacts with the motherboard more than being a brand specific thing. Generally speaking, there are USB host controllers which are controlled via the CPU directly and those that are controlled via OEM/3rd party controller such as Asmedia. The Vive tends to have more compatibility issues with the latter. It can get confusing really quickly because a motherboard may contain ports of both types and the only way to find out how each port is controlled is by digging into documentation. 


Generally speaking, Vive will work with most controllers and issues are most commonly encountered with Asmedia ports. If it ends up not working, we recommend using an Inateck USB 3.x PCI-e card - those always work and can be had for under $30. 

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, I have no experience with that chipset and I can't find any user reports that report that they're using these cards with Vive so there is simply a lack of data on that controller. 


This is the lowest cost card that we officially recommend - it may save you time and frustration to go with a known option. 

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