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Vive Base station 2.0 blinking red


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My base station is no longer tracking after having to set up with a new computer in a new house. 


I have three 2.0 vive base stations. They have all worked up until this point and were transported carefully in the HTC vive packaging. 

Base station turns green after being restarted but then starts blinking red after about 30 seconds. 

Base station can be detected and is assigned a channel in the Steam VR Base station channel configuration. But it has no grey or blue eye next to the base station so it has never been detected before. (On this computer) I assume it is connected Via Bluetooth with no issue. 

Problem persists even with very clear line of sight with other base stations and the headset. 

Recovering from incomplete update does not detect any base stations needing fixing.

No third base station shows up on the steam VR window where it shows all connected base stations, controllers and the headset status.

Is there anything I can do to fix this? 

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Aded testing: 

Connected the base station to the computer through a USB cable, I hoped this would help with recognition or updating and Windows recognized it as a base staiton but it still does not show up on the steam VR device list beyond channel configuration.


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