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Missing frames after adjusting volume or opening sound mgmnt console


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Hi everyone,

I've had an interesting problem where opening the windows sound management console (I'm calling it that),  SteamVR will start missing frames. This happens even while the GPU and CPU are not under a load at all and no games running. It will happen even if I just change the volume.  I have to reboot to get it back to normal and not touch the volume or audio stuff at all. I've noticed system interrupts using 4-6% CPU. I'm thinking that the audio must be reponsible for starting a cascade of interrupts and not letting up. Not sure how to stop it. It's a real headscratcher. Any ideas?


Update: I've reinstalled the audio drivers and updated the Motherboard BIOS. Problem continues.

Realizing that his may be mostly unrelated to SteamVR and the Vive, but still open to ideas on this.





Windows 10 Pro

Aorus z270 -Gaming 8


Aorus GTX 1080 Extreme OC

32GB Corsair Dominator


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Wow! Not a single response. Anyway. I'm updating just in case it helps someone else. It turns out that going into windows audio settings:


Playback devices



disable all enhancements (Even if there are none active)

I think on some systems that it may be called something else, like system sound effects or something.


So far, so good.



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