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I'm New to VR & VIVE.


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     I am W T Bear A, or just Bear for short. I tried out a VIVE and OCULUS within the past 5 months, and enjoyed the experience of the VIVE I think most. I recently purchased myself a VIVE, and still waiting for it to arrive (I bought it on the 1 year mark). So of course I am getting excited as I wait for my new VIVE unit to arrive.


     Here is what I want to ask you, already owners of VIVE, which is what are some things you wish you knew prior to now. Maybe a game you wish you got sooner, or a hardware set-up trick that makes things easier, a great way to store it when not in use, or anything else you may know now and wish you knew when you opened the VIVE box.


Sidenote, how do I change my darn avatar to a custom one? These defaults just don't fit me.

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Got mine yesterday (day before? I don't remember.... you sort of just get lost in VR....)


Things I've learned that I wish I knew : 

    • I have some shiny metal air ducts in my unfinished basement... VIVE HATES them.... causes tons of tracking issues :-(.
    • So that those watching you play can hear the game too! Otherwise it's boring for them.... Steam VR -> Settings -> Audio - there's a setting in there about "mirroring"
    • When a good headset you'll be lost in VR. There is an option in the STEAM VR settings to let people 'knock' to get your attention. SSSSOOOO much better than someone tapping you mid zombie-game.....


Hmm.... that's all I can think of right now. There are TONS and TONS of free game. My library sits around ~40 and I haven't spent a dime!! So far, most of them are amazing! But, it is hit and miss.


Anyhow - ENJOY!!!

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