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Serious bugs in HTC VIVE PRO 2 software.


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Hi, HTC VIVE PRO 2 software seems to have a lot of bugs.


VrCompositor.exe bug:


It seems there is a problem with reloading and exiting the software, which causes vrCompositor.exe program to remain crashing during whole Windows session (whatever you do). I never seem

to have this problem if I  start internett before I start Windows, and cross the finger nothing forces me to reload VIVE PRO 2 software (steamVR). If it dont complain, I am in - its just when I have to press reload or quit anything

vrCompositor.exe seems to have IPC problem (intern comminication with other components). Strange stuff also happens with Microsoft stuff, like problems downloading component libraries from Microsoft app store (the same libraries everythime, like they where never downloaded) -this only happens if I try to reload many times. Somethime, I get totally blocked out because of some sort of firewall mechanism(?) that forces me to unblock.



Freezed state bug


At some random point headset stop communicating, and I have to reload the whole system. It kinda gets freezed into a state.

Somethimes steam denies me to stop a program, and it just continues playing.

It seems there is a communication problem between the different software components, including steams, and

between components and hardware.


Hope someone on development team can look reallly carefully on what happens when one "misuses" the program (that is reloading, quiting, double start program - because many people

may actually do that).

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