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Compositor is not running -203


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I am currently playing Elite Dangerous using the Vive and its absolutely fantastic. The issue is that periodically the headset will turn off, I take off the headset and look at the software and it has the error 'Compositor is not running -203' I turn it back on and the headset starts working again. 


Problem is it has borked my characters positioning in the game and I have to force close the program and lose progress. As you can imagine this is pretty annoying.


Has anybody encountered this issue? Perhaps with the same game or another program? I cant really find much information about it aside from a few reddit posts with useless information telling me to delete files.


Any help would be apreciated, 


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Some users have had some luck deleting their Steamvr VRSETTINGS file.
The default path is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\config and you're looking for "Steamvr.vrsettings"

Delete that. (Or back it up elsewhere if you've got a custom configuration) When you run SteamVR again, it will automatically create a fresh config file which may resolve your issue.

Thank you,

-John C

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