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Compatible HDMI cable from HTC Headset connector to Laptop


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We have recently procured The HTC Vive Pro Full kit 2.0 & Asus G732LXS-HG059T Laptop I9-10980 HK/ RTX 2080 Super lately. While we tried connecting HTC headset with laptop, we found that the laptop didn't have Display port. So we procured a good quality connector to connect Display port to HDMI Port (in laptop) to make it work.

When we run VR Steam & headset, we get " Headset Display not connected". Refer Snapshot attached.

I think the connectors doesn't work with HTC. is that so ?

Kindly assist & let us know the possible solution to make VR work.

VR Error.jpg

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@Saba You can't drive Displayport headsets off an HDMI port. No adapter will allow you to do this - HMDI lacks the required bandwidth. Your computer needs to specifically needs to output Displayport 1.2+ on a port that's wired to the Nvidia dGPU (rather than the integrated graphics). 

This specs page indiciates that your model has a USB-C port that outputs Displayport 1.2+. It doesn't however say if it's wired to the Intel graphics or the Nvidia graphics. 

First step would be to contact Asus and see which USB-C port they're talking about, and if it's wired to the Nvidia card. If it is - this adapter is the most reliable we know of (Club3D CAC-1507).

If the USB-C ports are wired to the integrated graphics - that means you're out of luck with any headset that requires Displayport (Rift S, Index, Varjo, Pimax, etc...) and could only use headsets that support HDMi natively or standalone headsets which support USB/WiFi streaming (Focus 3, Quest 2)

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Thanks a lot ! Shall surely check. get an adapters. 

Even if we use Type C-To DP Port adapters, Will HTC vive headset work well with external adapters. ? There are lot of forums ,wherein users have said that, HTC vive pro headset doesnt work with any external adapters.

Kindly let us know.

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We did checked with USB-Typ C to DP connector.

The update is, we are able to connect HTC vive this time using USB Type-C to DP adapter & it is able to sense Vive Headset, Base stations & controllers. However we are getting the below error & headset green light turns to red often.

Kindly let us know a way ahead.


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