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【Vive Flow development】Any tutorials or suggestion on playing 3D video on vive Flow?


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Hello, Everyone, Happy new year.

As a development team that has just started using ViveFlow, may i ask if there is any tutorials or suggestion on vive flow 3d video player development?

Our project development with other parts of Unity has gone well so far. Now we need to call the native SDK to play the corresponding 3840*1920 stereoscopic 360 videos directly in full screen by clicking on some buttons in Unity, and then back to button screen after play.

Except unity guides as https://unity3d.college/2017/07/31/how-to-play-stereoscopic-3d-360-video-in-vr-with-unity3d/ , many thanks for providing additional information such as:

1. Which SDK can be used now in wave SDK 4.0 for vive flow video player?

2. Are there any settings or parameters can be used in vive flow?

Thanks very much again! @Barried Tung @Corvus

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