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Total Noob here...


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Hello everyone,

I'm three days into my Vive and this is Awesome!!! I have a few questions for the group and there's probably a FAQ page where I can find the answers but, you gotta start somewhere.


First, I did a lot of research before taking the leap into VR. My very first thoughts were to go cheap. Get a playstation and bam, perfect VR (not).  But, time has taught me to check things out a bit before the leap. Playstation, you're better off playing on the TV. Next up, Oculus. Much better but if this is VR, well maybe, maybe not.


Then Vive, Holy mackerel, wow and all that stuff. I get the cost thing but there is a huge gap when it comes to VR. Maybe a couple of years from now things will be closer but Vive is like a nice Harley compared to oculus, a S-90 honda.


OK, on to my questions.

1) Do you disconnect power from the base stations when you're through with Vive at the end of the night?

2) do you disconnect the headset when done?

3) Below are the programs that I have so far, but I'm looking for something to grow into, so I need suggestions, please;

The Lab (awesome), Titans of space, The Blu, Space Tours VR,Everest VR & Richie's Plank

I appreciate any thoughts in advance and I'm looking forward to more of this incredible experience. Many thanks...Cpt Good


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Welcome to VR. 
These is a  Hints and tips post here that might answer some of your questions you may have in the future. 
To answer the ones you have posted. 
1) Im guessing you mean the lighthouses and no you can set them to turn off with the bluetooth thats built into the link box. SteamVR settings.
2) Again no because im in and out of Vr Daily so i just power down the pc. It you are not goingto use it for days i would pack it away or at least cover the lens.
3) REC ROOM you need this game, Its social, Its fun, and its FREE. 
Some good games out that you can play for more than 2 hours are. 
VRz Tourment, Vanishing relms, Space pirate trainer, And Arcade Saga which was being given away free on Viveport. not sure if its still free. 
Enjoy VR and Welcome to the Club.

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Agreed with Rec Room, quite a few games you can play with others.

Also AltspaceVR is another social thing, not as game intensive as Rec Room but they are constantly adding content so there will be more as time goes on. There a fun disk golf game, and user created rooms one can go to for various social activities. I've spent a fair amount of time there and it's not bad.

There's also BigScreen Beta, this is like a VR desktop with a social twist to it, you can join other people's rooms and shoot the breeze as you do stuff on your desktop, you can show others or keep it to yourself. Interesting concept. :)


As for turning the Vive off when not in use, I have the lighthouses on switched powerbars and I turn them off when not using the Vive, the Vive's main power pack is also on one of these so it also gets turned off and I also unplug the Vive's USB plug (front facing USB port). The way I look at it, it may prolong the life of the lighthouses since they have motors (small hard drive motors I believe), at the replacement cost of the lighhouses, I want them to last as long as possible. lol


Regards: Jack

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Many thanks for the great suggestions. I have just downloaded RecRoom, looks like that'll keep me busy for a while. I have to say it again, the Vive is well worth the price of admission, it's truly beyond explanation, you just have to experience it to understand.


I will start referring to them as lighthouses. I did not find the blutooth method of turning them off yet but the power strips are easy enough.


If you all have any other suggestions I will be lurking around the message boards. Thanks again!


Cpt Good

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1) I left mine on for about two months before I knew it was an option to have the go into standby. Now leave them connected to power but let them go into standby. My computer stuff, including Vive, is all on UPS power.


The standby option is from your SteamVR program, go into its Settings menu: SteamVR/Settings/General/ Put Base Stations in standby when not in use.


2) No. I'm on my PC constantly so I leave it on all the time and I leave the VR stuff connected.


3) Yeah Google Earth is amazing, the Blu you already said, I also really like The Lab. Statistically I spend the most time in Bigscreen Beta. That's half because I like it and half because by the time I get it set up the way I want, it's already time for bed. I enjoyed LifeLique Museum. I LOVE Audioshield. I just started playing Space Pirate Trainer and it is really fun. Grand Canyon Ride was fun.

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, your quote;

"The standby option is from your SteamVR program, go into its Settings menu: SteamVR/Settings/General/ Put Base Stations in standby when not in use."


I do not see this option when I go into settings general. What I have is a check box "Enable Bluetooth communication" Wirelessly manage power settings. Then; Install Bluetooth Driver


Is this what you're referring to? Thanks

Cpt Good

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It doesn't seem to be there on mine. I've connected two power strips and use them to contol power. Seems to works OK. I wonder if the software has some differences. I know mine auto updates each time I restart the computer. All good though, same result. Appreciate the feedback. Take care, Cpt. Good

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